Our Story

To create a platform for music fans and artists
Zyer Music is a social platform for music fans and musicians to share their favorite songs to a large network of music lovers and with friends in other networks. There is a developing opportunity to disrupt the music industry by empowering artists to progress in their careers without a record label.

Our Founding

In 2013 Anthony Cimaglia was studying Entrepreneurship at Baruch College, in NYC. One day during his commute home from school, he noticed a bunch of people post a screen shot of the song they were listening to on Instagram. Anthony immediately began sketching out images of a social platform that would allow people to post music for their friends to listen to right on their timeline. Zyer was birthed.

First Beta Launch

Anthony used his idea for school projects during college, and began networking. After speaking to several people, Anthony was connected with Antonio, a programmer with 25+ years experience based out of Puerto Rico. Anthony moved from NYC to Puerto Rico to work closely with Antonio and launch the first beta version of Zyer in 2014.

Tragedy Strikes

After raising the necessary funds, we were almost at the completion of our first official Zyer app. While putting the finishing touches on Zyer our lead developer, Antonio suddenly became ill and passed away. This was devastating to lose a friend as well as a major part of Zyer as a business. Without access to the live version of the app, it looked like it may have been the end to Zyer. 

Early Stage Funding

With over 1,500 users and an underperforming beta app, the decision was made that additional funding was necessary to totally rebuild the app. During this process we discovered the massive opportunity in the music industry to build a platform for fans that actually helps independent artists. We were focused and managed to raise $40K in funding.  

Looking to Tomorrow

After over a year of feeling down and out the search began to find the right development team to revive Zyer. Anthony was able to save enough money and eventually hire a team of developers to totally rebuild and redesign Zyer from scratch. We've had over 2,500 beta users and over 7,000 songs shared to Zyer. We finally have a functioning app and are ready to take the music industry by storm.

- Anthony Cimaglia,

"It has been a wild 5 years with countless opportunities, setbacks, successes and failures. Through it all it has been a tremendous learning expereince and I couldn't be more excited for you to finally use the Zyer I envisioned. "