Zyer Music LLC

For Music Fans: A platform to share and discover music with friends 
For Artists: Artist Development without the record contract
Location:  New York City, NY
Team:  3-5 people
Founded:  2014
Price: Free iOS app
Stats: 2,500+ beta users  |  7,000+ songs shared to Zyer  |  $45,000 in seed funding
available on iOS App Store  |  coming soon to Google Play

Company Overview

Zyer was founded in 2014 with the goal to be "the Instagram for music." After several beta launches the concept was validated but the app was of poor quality. We raised the necessary funds, faced all types of setbacks (including death) and are finally ready to launch the first official Zyer Music App. Zyer is a free app for music fans. Zyer also is a full service artist development agency that does not believe in record contracts. We are here to help independent artists grow in their music careers without being at the mercy of an unfair record deal.

Our Story

For Music Fans

Discover music
from your friends
Share music you're
listening to with friends
Be the person people
follow to discover music
images are downloadable for your convenience

For Artists

Empowering independent artists to thrive in their music careers without the unfair record contract. By helping artists make their next move independently.
Legal Needs
Social Media
Press Releases
Music Videos

Anthony Cimaglia 


Anthony is a native New Yorker with a Bachelor's Degree in Small Business Management from Baruch College. He is passionate about helping artists to be able to create the music they love without needing the financial backing of a record label. 
anthony@zyermusic.com  |  (917) 623-5132