for artists

Artist Development Without the Contract

Empowering independent artists to thrive in their music careers without the unfair record contract


No matter what stage you're at, we're here to help


Stunning websites to showcase your brand, music and merchandise


We'll get you the best merchandise for the most affordable price


Every business or project needs a budget, your creative talent is no different

Legal Needs

Member contracts, copyrights, trademarks and all your legal needs in one place

Social Media / PR

Tell your story and promote your upcoming shows, song releases and album launches


Let's work together to create the perfect logo, merchandise and marketing designs

Photoshoots / Music Videos

We have a pool of photographers and producers to capture your story within your budget


Avoid the most common mistakes from people who have already made them

Recording / Mixing / Producing

If you're gunna do it, do it right. Let's get you working with someone exactly where you're at

Publishing / Licensing

Making sure you keep the most amount of money off the music you create


Empowering Artists to Grow Independently

You don't need to sign a record contract to be successful, but there are certain things you do need to have.  We partner with artists by helping you make your next move independently.

In the past artists needed a record deal to acquire the startup capital needed to reach the market. Today there is unlimited potential to reach millions of people independently. But artists are still signing ridiculous record contracts that end up limiting your growth and robbing money straight out of your pockets.

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